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NLNR 2023 Event ourside

Community Events & Activities

Listing of "recurring" community events and resident activities available to seniors:

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Each Monday

NLNR residents only

Resident Scenic Drive Activity

10:00 AM - 3 PM



All seniors

2nd Friday of each month, 8:30 AM

Heritage Club (Council on Aging)

1905 Wohlert St, Angola


NEW --Monthly Senior Birthday Party

Members of Heritage Club only please

4th Friday of each month, 11:30 AM

Heritage Club (Council on Aging)

1905 Wohlert St, Angola

Event Host(s):

NLNR &  Heart to Heart Hospice




All seniors

2nd Tuesday of each month, 11 AM

Angola Moose

108 N Martha St, Angola



Lunch & Learn

All seniors

4th Wednesday of each month, 12 PM

Angola YMCA

500 E Harcourt Rd, Angola


Movie at the Theatre

All seniors

3rd Thursday of each month, 2 PM

Angola Brokaw Theatre

200 N Public Square, Angola




FREE Senior Movie Day


Free Senior Movie day for all seniors at the local theatre in Angola, IN is open every THIRD Thursday of each month.

Doors open at 2pm.  

MAP  -  Brokaw Movie House 


Theater Address: 200 N Public Square, Angola, IN. 

Contact NLNR for current movie information.

The Brokaw Movie Theatre signage
Drink & popcorn.jpg

We provide a complimentary movie ticket, a small drink, and a small popcorn for the free movie experience. 

All Seniors over 60+ years enjoy a free private matinee movie at our local Angola movie theatre,

" Brokaw Movie House"


Northern Lakes happily sponsors this monthly event for the Seniors in our community. Doors open at 2pm and Northern Lakes staff will be there to greet you and entertain you until the show starts.

"My wife and I attended senior movie day at the Brokaw theater in Angola.  We really enjoyed the free movie and popcorn and would like to thank you for sponsoring this event.  Also, thank you for your community support."

--Don S. (ANGOLA)

Event highlights for senior residents:

  • Wine & cheese socials

  • Movie theatre showings

  • Classic car show

  • Bingo, board games, puzzles

  • Coffee Shop

  • McDonald’s Coffee Hour


  • Live musical entertainment

  • Piano (Kimball) 

  • Exercise classes 

  • Religious, church services

  • Card tournaments

  • We take resident requests!

Event Schedule



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