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"Visitations are OPEN 7 days/week, 7AM - 7PM. Welcome families!

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Trusted Skilled Nursing Care and Physical Therapy in Angola, Indiana

(Pictured) Northern Lakes Nursing's Booth at 2021 Senior Lifestyle Expo


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Visitations Open

7 days/week 

Visitation hours

7 AM - 7 PM

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Outside senior excursions with family and friends welcomed and encouraged.

Interested in donating?

Consider a donation to our nursing home in honor of your loved one and help support our not-for-profit skilled nursing facility for generations to come.

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We work closely with your hospital of choice: 


  • Cameron Memorial,

  • Dekalb Hospital,

  • Parkview,

  • Lutheran,

  • Dupont,

  • University of Michigan,

  • Vibra,

  • Select,

  • Borgess and Community Health Center of Branch County.


Welcome to Northern Lakes Nursing & Rehabilitation in Angola, Indiana!

We are extremely proud of our dedicated service to you for nearly 20-years of trusted patient care, and our community leadership roles by NLNR staff that have enhanced the lives and well being of local seniors.

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"Our Nursing Heroes look forward to serving you and your loved one."


You have a choice where you go for post-hospital care, skilled nursing and physical therapy.  We hope you choose us, Northern Lakes Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Steuben County, Angola, IN!


Meet Dee Smallman

with 21 Years of exceptional healthcare service to NLNR.  
Dee Smallman, Administrator has served Northern Lakes since year 2000, She has also received two prestigious leadership awards from the American College of HealthCare Administrators for her leadership role in skilled nursing & rehabilitation services.



We can admit patients 24 hours a day, seven days per week.  GO TO ADMISSION

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