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Our compliance program at Northern Lakes Nursing includes standards and policies, ongoing education, auditing, monitoring of functions & convenient tools for families to communicate concerns.

Concerns? Complete Compliance & Grievance Online Form 

Pulaski Memorial Hospital

d/b/a Northern Lakes Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Additional tools to report grievances

Pulaski Memorial Hospital d/b/a Northern Lakes Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is firmly committed to a high standard of ethics, integrity, and compliance as addressed in our Code of Conduct & Code of Ethics.  


Our Compliance & Ethics Committee is under the direction of Lisa Baker, President & Dee Smallman, Administrator to ensure and monitor compliance of our organization with state and federal regulations, facility policies and the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics. See additional tools to report any grievances:


  • Hotline Phone: Pulaski Memorial Hospital Compliance Hotline at 1-855-668-7679

  • Phone Corporate Office: 1- 812-748-9155

  • Postal Mail:  49 E Wardell Street Scottsburg, IN 47170



 Compliance Hotline at


Report concerns directly or anonymously, and Pulaski Memorial Hospital prohibits retaliation against those who raise compliance concerns.

Our Employee Expectations

"Our expectations for our employees, contractors, and vendors are to abide by the Code of Conduct when performing their job duties and providing services to our facility."

-- Dee Smallman, Administrator

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