COVID-19  Information at Northern Lakes Nursing Home

Current COVID-19 Status at NLNR: 0 - cases

"We have zero (NO) positive tests of Coronavirus at Northern Lakes Nursing facility"


We are in full compliance with all Standards in Prevention of COVID-19

Outdoor Visitations to Stop Immediately, Sept 3, 2020.

Dee Smallman-Administrator, Northern Lak


Dee Smallman


Katherine Kline RN Director of Nursing


Katie Kline, RN 

Director of Nursing

UPDATE #1:  Outdoor Visitations to Stop Immediately, Sept 3, 2020. The Emergency Planning Committee met today and reviewed the current COVID situation within our community and stopped all outdoor visitation at NLNR. We remain COVID-Free, no (zero) positive cases at Northern Lakes to date.

Consider optional virtual visits:

We use laptop computers with "Skype" and "Facetime" via i-Phones to connect residents with family.

UPDATE #2:  Results of Health Dept. Inspection 

Indiana State Department of Health inspected our nursing facility for COVID-19 & Infection Control Practices.  Results of inspection:  Our facility is in full compliance with all standards in the Prevention of COVID-19. No COVID-19 cases & no facility deficiencies.

Indiana State Department of Health Mandates

The Indiana State Department of Health is requiring daily updates to all of our resident family representatives about our current status with COVID for all nursing homes.  See our current status of

COVID -19 cases at the top of the web page.  In addition, key information can be found on this web page, on our "public" Facebook business page or our "private" Facebook Group (open to our residents and residents' families).


Get Residents' Status Updates

Northern Lakes Nursing will provide the name of the assigned staff person for each resident and their designated representative(s) that family members can contact with any questions or concerns about our COVID-19 status or resident updates. CONTACT US

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Connect on Our Facebook Page(s)

Be informed and stay connected with our public Facebook business page, Northern Lakes Nursing & Rehabilitation Center;  Our private Facebook Family Group is called Northern Lakes COVID-19 Watch Dogs;  This private Group is open to our residents and residents' families. Invitations will be sent to all of our family members to join this private Facebook Group for relevant information and communal posts.

What is NLNR Doing to Prevent Coronavirus Spread? 


This is not an all inclusive weekly or monthly list of steps we have taken, but it gives you an idea of the many changes we have made to prevent the entry of COVID-19 into the facility.  Even with all of the steps that we have taken, we still cannot give any guarantees that we can prevent this virus from entering our facility.  

March - April - May - June

March 5, 2019

We began screening & educating employees, visitors, vendors, volunteers on COVID-19.  Environmental services staff also increased cleaning & sanitizing routines within the facility.

March 9th

Noble county had its first case and we took further action by limiting visiting hours and not allowing anyone under the age of 18 into the facility, this is also the time that Governor Holcomb declared Indiana in a State of Emergency.  At this point we informed staff they could not work at other places and this facility because of the increased risk of bringing the virus into the facility.

March 11th

We stopped all outside groups from coming into the facility.  We also cancelled all outside events that we sponsored and initiated our “No Visitation Policy” this included not only families but others such as hospice nurses, physicians other than medical director, lab tech (we draw and deliver now) and any other non-essential person.

March 14th

We stopped all communal dining and group activities and on March 15th initiated our new activity plan for hallway room door activities.  And employees required to have mask on when at work.  Strict screening initiated for any new admissions before accepting.  This is when we also initiated at a minimum weekly Emergency Planning Meetings, some weeks we have met three times a week.

March 15th

We initiated a plan to test any resident or employee that had a medical change of any kind for COVID, even residents sent to hospital we will request that the hospital test them.  If an employee is tested they are are off work until the test results are back, if residents are tested, they are placed in strict isolation until test results are back.

March 16th

We began seeing signs of mood changes & depression so the management team initiated Support Visits for residents to increase monitoring.

March 24th

We initiated weekly report to our families and friends.  


March 25th

We stopped allowing deliveries of supplies and equipment into the facility until sanitized.  We also restricted new admissions and if an admission was accepted from the hospital or community they were placed in two private rooms that were set-up for COVID monitoring for 14 days.

April 2nd

We stopped all outside food deliveries and other deliveries from family members to residents.

April 9th

We contacted all residents and resident family members about developing “Advance Care Plans” should a resident contract this virus.

April 27th

We began daily updates to families on media outlets.  

May 1st

We setup a Private Group on Facebook for our families called “Northern Lakes COVID-19 Watch Dogs.”  


May 4th

We began posting Nursing Home COVID Stats as provided by the Indiana State Department of Health and we opened up rooms that can be utilized for any positive cases of COVID-19 in an attempt to keep the virus from spreading to others should we need it.

June 11th

Today, the Indiana State Department of Health came in to inspect the facility for COVID-19 & Infection Control Practices.
They found that our facility is in full compliance with all standards in the Prevention of COVID-19, and had no deficiencies cited and no further recommendations for changes. We have a wonderful staff and nursing facility. We are very proud.


--We have tested a total of 21 individuals (residents & staff) since March 15th.

14 residents and 7 staff and all have been negative.  Since this virus manifests in so many different ways, we decided as a facility to always test even if the symptoms are not the “typical symptoms” as listed by the CDC.

July - AUG - SEPT

July 22nd

Outdoor visitation policy is cancelled due to substantial increase of COVID-19 positive cases reported in Steuben County area; NLNR remains at zero (0) cases of COVID-19 at our nursing home.

AUG 4th

Outdoor visitation policy is now open starting Aug 4th, 2020.  Visits are scheduled Monday – Friday only from 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  You must call the day before to schedule a visit, we cannot take reservations the day of, as we spend a great deal of time assigning staff to cover these visits, so we must know the day before. Thank you.

See GUIDELINES for visitation.


AUG 21st

We tested all 124 employees and results are all back: all employees were negative for COVID. That is great news for them and our residents.

We remain COVID-free, no (zero) positive cases!

Sept 3rd

Outdoor Visitations to Stop Immediately.

We remain COVID-Free, no (zero) positive cases at Northern Lakes to date.

In 7 days our County has gone from 269 cases to 296 and apparently more will be reported. 

NLNR have taken the following actions to help protect the residents more.

  • No one other than employees can enter the facility, this includes ALL Hospice staff, and consultants.

  • We must stop all family visits.

  • We are talking with our employees about the need to think about where they go, what they do outside of this facility especially with a long holiday weekend upon us.

  • Reminding our employees, that even the smallest health issue they must call the Director of Nursing or Assistant Director of Nursing before coming to work. We do not allow employees to work with even something as simple as the sniffles.

  • Families can only bring ESSENTIAL items to the facility. No pleasure items will be accepted.

  • Increased testing of employees will be initiated as quickly as we can.

Thank you for your continued support in our decisions to keep your loved one as protected from this virus as we can.



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